A robotic research collaborator at your service

The challenge

Academics are at the forefront of scientific progress, but often face a lack of stable funding, limited access to specialist equipment and a myriad of demands on their time that detract from publication and grant efforts. Suitable and reliable collaborators can be difficult to find, and data quality can be unclear – but at the same time, academics must retain full transparency and control over their experiments.

How we can help academics

Arctoris enables you to conduct your experiments 24/7 in our fully automated lab using a broad range of techniques, methods and equipment

We offer full customisation of all assays, performing all experiments according to your specifications

Gain instant, disruption-free access to new techniques and equipment without the need to purchase them yourself

Free up time for project planning, publications, and grant applications by conducting routine lab operations on our robotic platform

Arctoris acts as a secure data repository for your research group, bringing all data together in a standardised, structured, annotated and searchable form

We provide expertise, consistency, and reliability: becoming your ideal research collaborator for your next project


To find out how to accelerate your project timelines and generate higher quality data, reach out to us today.