Train and validate your AI model

The challenge

In silico approaches to drug discovery rely on biologically relevant, high quality experimental data to train and validate AI models. However, it can be challenging to:

  • Find existing data sources that are of high quality, relevant, appropriately structured and validated 
  • Produce the necessary experimental data yourself, as the required lab infrastructure is expensive, time-consuming to install and in need of extensive expertise to build and run
  • Confidently choose the right wet-lab assays for your application from the vast number of methods available  
  • Select the right partner as traditional outsourcing providers lack the transparency and appreciation for the strict data standards crucial to AI-driven drug discovery success

The Arctoris approach to structured data generation for AI model training and validation

Our fully automated approach to model training and validation overcomes all these challenges. We provide AI-driven drug discovery companies with access to a broad range of assays and techniques, as well as the necessary expertise to generate biologically relevant data in the right format.   

We provide a wide range of benefits, including:


Increased data depth

Build your model with deep, high-quality data generated via total, end-to-end automation

Benefit from structured, precise and consistent custom datasets free of human error


Biologically relevant data

Generate the right type of high-quality wet lab data to develop and fully validate your models

Access the full scope of wet lab capabilities and drug discovery assays, techniques and expertise


Rapid data acquisition

Collect datasets with the speed and accuracy needed to keep pace with AI models and progress

Make use of 24-hour robotic operation and instant configuration & analysis via the Arctoris platform

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