Gain a full understanding of your compound

The challenge

Characterising potential drug candidates using target-based assays is an essential tool during the hit-to-lead, lead optimisation and candidate selection stages of drug discovery. However, it can be challenging to:

  • Access the right equipment, expertise and assays required to deliver high-quality and relevant data when you need them
  • Train internal staff on these instruments and assays, as this costs time, money and resources, and limits the number and breadth of assays 
  • Make critical go/no-go decisions based on limited data, especially if milestone and budget pressures mean sacrificing data depth

The Arctoris approach to compound characterisation

Our automated approach to target-based assays solves these problems. Using our on-demand compound characterisation services, you can rapidly generate high-quality, rich, reliable datasets without the need to invest in your own lab infrastructure.

We perform industry leading IC50 profiling using digitally controlled concentration response curve generation, together with detailed kinetic profiling, including measuring the association and dissociation rates and mechanism of inhibition – the highest possible standard for continuous readout formats.

Our target-based assay services offer a wide range of benefits:

Total automation delivers speed, accuracy & quality

Our 24-hour robotic lab eliminates human error and variability, and enables robust, reproducible experiments that deliver high-quality data.

All workflows are validated so that each experiment is consistent, transparent and reproducible — enabling you to make critical go/no-go decisions based on reliable, trustworthy data.

Access a broad range of target-based assays

Rapidly utilise our wide range of target-based assays to generate the data you need without having to invest in expensive equipment or train in-house staff.

Our world-leading platform is staffed by a team of experienced drug discovery scientists, delivering super quality data in the fastest time possible.

Deep compound profiling and characterisation

We provide a high volume of data with each assay to generate rich, multidimensional data packages that include a wide range of parameters.

More and richer data means you gain deeper insight into the profile of your candidate, while maintaining exact control of experimental conditions.

Biochemical and target-based assays

We offer a broad range of advanced biochemical and target-based assays that enable you to rapidly assess novel therapeutic targets.

‘Equilibrium’ IC50 Profiling

Assess relative potency with real confidence
  • Independent, non-contact response curves
  • Non-serial, uniform, or asymmetrical dosing
  • Full spatial randomisation
  • Internal controls & technical replication
  • Digital picolitre dispensing

‘Kinetic’ IC50 Profiling

Assess relative potency with temporal insight
  • Potency assessed over time
  • Highlight non-equilibrium potency
  • Molecule stratification for detailed follow-up
  • Enhanced selectivity/ liability profiling
  • 7 day, 3 day and 24 hr cycle times available

Mechanism of Action

Detailed characterisation driving improved differentiation
  • Measurement of association & dissociation rates
  • Assess target engagement and residence time
  • Inhibition studies (competitive, allosteric, etc.)
  • Complete drug synergy assessment
  • Generation of single and multiple target profiles

Assay Types

We cover a broad range of assay types
  • Catalytic and binding readouts
  • Coupled and direct detection systems
  • Endpoint and continuous readouts
  • Modulation of catalytic/ binding activities
  • Substrate turnover & protein-protein interactions

Formats and Outputs

Our formats and outputs deliver outstanding data quality
  • Homogeneous, mix-and-read
  • Direct fluorescence (FP, FLINT, FRET)
  • TR-FRET, (Nano)BRET
  • Luminescence & absorbance
  • Intrinsic signals

Target Classes

Broad range of target classes available
  • COVID-19 (3CL Mpro, PLpro, ACE2-Spike)
  • Proteases (serine, cysteine, metallo, aspartyl)
  • Kinases (protein, lipid, atypical) & phosphatases
  • Bromodomains, HDACs, & DNA processing enzymes
  • Others (hydrolases, dehydrogenases, etc.)


To find out how to accelerate your project timelines and generate higher quality data, reach out to us today.