Providing the data you need to achieve your next milestone

The challenge

In-house resources are limited and drug discovery R&D timelines are long and slow. Yet, time is of the essence, and biotech professionals must produce top-quality results fast. Data needs to be clear, reliable, and reproducible to allow drug discovery projects to progress quickly and to bring investors and Big Pharma onboard.

How we can help biotechs

Arctoris accelerates your project by leveraging the power of automation for fast, reliable, and compliant drug discovery, enabling you to reach your next milestone sooner

We increase your chance of success by generating high quality, consistent, well-structured data via fully validated drug discovery processes

Our technology platform enables you to plan and complete your R&D with full transparency and flexibility – variable instead of fixed costs.

We extend your runway by offering accelerated and highly capital-efficient drug discovery workflows accessible at the click of a button

Gain instant access to our library of validated protocols ready to execute at your command, eliminating the need for experimental troubleshooting and lengthy protocol establishment

Your project matters - we offer a solution that works for you, independent of project size, development stage or location


To find out how to accelerate your project timelines and generate higher quality data, reach out to us today.