Identify the best potential drug candidates

The challenge

Characterising novel therapeutics during hit-to-lead, lead optimisation and candidate selection can be challenging:

  • A lack of access to the right equipment, expertise and assays impact quality and suitability of your data
  • Training internal staff on specific assays requires time, money and resources and limits the number and range of assays you can effectively perform
  • The pressures imposed by ambitious milestones and finite budgets mean you sacrifice data depth and thereby lose important insights

The Arctoris approach to compound characterisation with cell-based assays

Our end-to-end automated compound characterisation services generate deeper and more robust data at greater speed. This allows you to benefit from precise, reliable and reproducible results throughout the drug discovery process. By partnering with our team, you will be able to select the best possible drug candidates faster and with improved confidence.

The benefits of our end-to-end, automated cell-based assays include:


Deep compound profiling and characterisation

Collect a rich dataset with every assay run to generate multidimensional data packages that measure every relevant parameter.

Our automated approach ensures every experiment is conducted the same way every single time, generating deep, reproducible data you can rely on.


Flexible access to a broad range of cell-based assays

Gain access to a wide range of cell-based assays, so you do not have need to invest in your own lab infrastructure and operations.

By partnering with our team of seasoned drug discovery experts, you will be able to select the best possible drug candidates faster and with absolute confidence.


Speed, accuracy and reproducibility

Generate data of unprecedented robustness and reproducibility via our fully automated process, that eliminates human error.

Enjoy vastly reduced cycle times, helping you to scale your operations and make crucial go/no-go decisions as soon as possible.

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