Contribute to the fight against COVID-19

The challenge

COVID-19 is an unprecedented public health challenge – but we can beat it by working together. Researchers around the world are working on novel therapeutics and vaccines to treat and prevent COVID-19. However, their work is often hindered:

  • Many laboratories, scientific suppliers, and researchers themselves are in lockdown, preventing them from conducting their life-saving research.
  • Often there is lack of access to specialised equipment and expertise, making it more difficult to do meaningful experiments.
  • Timelines are immensely tight, as the global efforts to halting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and treating those suffering from COVID-19 must not get delayed.

The Arctoris platform enables accelerated COVID-19 research globally

We offer our robotic platform, state-of-the-art equipment, and our team’s expertise to assist any researcher in accelerating their COVID-19 research from bench to bedside. Arctoris enables researchers to conduct precise therapeutics and vaccine research at the click of a button – fully remotely, even when you and your lab are in full lockdown. We provide access to our automated drug discovery platform, enabling the following assays to support your work on COVID-19 and reduce morbidity and mortality.


JAK Inhibitors Deep Profiling Demonstration

Following Novartis’ announcement of a Phase III clinical trial to repurpose JAK kinase inhibitor Ruxolitinib/Jakafi to treat severe COVID-19, Arctoris has deployed its unique platform to generate comprehensive mechanistic pharmacology for both marketed and research inhibitors against this family of kinases to understand new therapeutic opportunities.

  • Onboarding: 4 target-based assays (JAK1, JAK2, JAK3, and TYK2)
  • Deep mechanistic profiling: 24 small molecule inhibitors (8 marketed, 16 research) against the panel of kinases; fully automated in <10 hours
  • Analysis: 45,848 IC50s and over 1 million data points to give a range of full potency, kinetic and mechanistic insights of the inhibitors
  • Timeline: less than 100 hours in total including 4 new assays developed, optimised & fully automated, and comprehensive datasets generated

Comprehensive biochemical profiling using contact-free picolitre digital dispensing technology & true independent experimentation

JAK2 vs JAK3

Comparative potency, selectivity and kinetic studies against a panel of kinase targets

Selected assays to rapidly assess novel COVID-19 therapeutic targets.
  • Enzymatic activity/ substrate turnover & inhibition assays
  • Mechanism of action studies
  • Target engagement assays
  • Protein-protein interaction assays
  • Binding kinetics – association & dissociation rates, residence times

Molecular biology

Selected assays to analyse samples for SARS-CoV-2 infection and changes in gene expression.

  • Testing for presence & quantification of viral material 
  • Protein analysis & quantitation (capillary electrophoresis & immunoblotting/ Western blotting)
  • Nucleic acids analysis & quantitation and gene expression profiling (spectrophotometry, PCR & qRT PCR, digital PCR, RT-LAMP assays & transcriptional response)
  • Sequencing (RNA Seq, DNA Seq, miRNA Seq)

Cellular biology

Selected assays to evaluate the effect of novel molecules, and to enable initial vaccine studies.

  • Compound & antibody screening and follow-up assays
  • Validation of antibody & small molecule therapies
  • Cell viability & pathway studies including intracellular second messengers 
  • Live cell imaging, colony formation assays, cell cycle analysis

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