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Arctoris® is your partner from idea to IND

Power your drug discovery with faster, simpler, more reliable data you can trust, generated on Ulysses®, our fully automated R&D platform based in Oxford, UK.


The future of drug discovery is data-driven

Data is the lifeblood of research, and better data leads to better decisions.
We combine robotics, AI, and blockchain to generate robust, reliable, and reproducible data. Partnering with us enables you to make the right decisions
at the right time, and move your programs towards the clinic faster.

Arctoris is revolutionizing the R&D process

We’re a wet lab, but automated

Our experienced scientists guide your project setup and execution – as an equal partner for your success.
Our robotics generate data 24×7, reducing cycle times and accelerating your research.
Our secure online portal provides real-time data access to your team from anywhere in the world.

Who we partner with


We work with our partners in biotech companies, pharmaceutical corporations, and AI drug discovery across the world to accelerate programs for more efficient drug discovery. 

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