Working together with select drug hunters globally.

Bring new drugs to patients sooner

Select leaders in biotech, pharma, AI drug discovery, and academia across the world partner with Arctoris bring new drugs to patients faster.


Some of our partners

We work with a broad range of organizations

AI-driven drug discovery

  • Accelerate program progression with rapidly generated, well structured, biologically relevant data for AI training and validation
  • Replace human error and variability with data of unmatched quality and reproducibility
  • Collaborate with a team of experienced drug hunters
  • Focus on individual core technologies instead of having to set up, run, and maintain wet lab infrastructure
  • Work with a team that understands AI-powered drug discovery inside out, and enables us to move faster together


  • Leverage the power of automation for high-quality, reliable, and compliant drug discovery to reach the next milestone sooner
  • Make better decisions based on better data, leading to higher chance of drug discovery success
  • Plan and complete R&D with full transparency and flexibility – and variable instead of fixed costs
  • Extend runway through accelerated and capital-efficient drug discovery workflows
  • Benefit from excellent scientific and commercial expertise supporting joint decision-making


  • Improve transparency and confidence by working with auditable and compliant drug discovery processes
  • Eliminate human error and experimental variability by leveraging the power of automation
  • Reduce risk by ensuring data consistency and protocol adherence
  • Streamline R&D processes across multiple sites and protect research programs from disruption
  • Make better informed decisions earlier based on solid, reliable, and completely auditable data
  • Collaborate with the team and technology trusted by biotech and pharma leaders globally


  • Accelerate biomedical research by conducting experiments 24/7 in our fully automated lab
  • Gain access to a broad range of techniques, methods and equipment
  • Benefit from disruption-free access to new technologies and equipment being continuously updated
  • Free up time for project planning, publications, and grant applications by conducting lab operations on our robotic platform
  • Bring your research group’s data together in one place – secure, searchable, and fully annotated

Work with us

Our collaborations and co-development deals are tailored to each project and our partner’s mission, and range from Joint Ventures to various risk-share models.

Learn more about our existing partnerships via our case studies, or contact us on to discover how together we can bring new drugs to patients faster.