Compliant, streamlined R&D you can trust

The challenge

Complex, and oftentimes slow, decision-making processes, shifting strategic priorities, extensive compliance requirements and a diverse set of stakeholders involved at all levels: pharma professionals face numerous challenges in the drug discovery space. Reliable, trustworthy, high quality data is needed, rapidly generated via transparent, compliant processes.

How we can help pharma

At Arctoris, we provide you with reliable, auditable and transparent drug discovery processes

Our automated platform eliminates human error and experimental variability and instead delivers fully reproducible data

We reduce risks by ensuring data consistency and protocol adherence, giving you confidence in your results

We streamline your R&D processes across multiple sites and protect your research from disruption, ensuring research continuity

We enable earlier and better-informed decision-making and go/no-go decisions based on solid, reliable, and completely auditable data

We comply with all standards, diligence checks, and certifications required, as an established supplier of high quality data trusted around the world


To find out how to accelerate your project timelines and generate higher quality data, reach out to us today.