Why work with Arctoris?

It’s simple: better data, faster.

Arctoris brings together a unique robotic platform and an experienced team of drug discovery veterans with one single purpose: generate deeper, richer and more reliable data at speed for our partners and clients globally.

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Your benefits

Flexible project structure

We offer fee-for-service but also milestone-based and risk-share agreements for full flexibility and control

Transparent cost framework

All costs are known and fixed prior to project start; no hidden fees, and no payment for cancelled work packages

Industry-leading turnaround times

Full automation of assay execution and analysis allows turnaround times as short as 24 h for rapid, reliable, reproducible data

Comprehensive scientific expertise

Benefit from guidance provided by our world-class team of leading drug discovery experts from industry and academia

Dedicated project manager

Clear responsibilities and direct communication with your personal project manager ensures full transparency

Consistent, precise and reproducible end-to-end automation

Whether you work in pharma, academia, for a biotech or AI-driven drug discovery company, generating high-quality data that allows you to progress to your next milestone is key to drug discovery success. 

Arctoris offers fully automated Experiments-as-a-Service that enable: 

  • The generation of high-quality, consistent data including comprehensive metadata allowing for the deep profiling of your compounds for fast and efficient project progression
  • Access to a wide range of cutting-edge equipment and techniques, removing the need to acquire and maintain instrumentation and hire and train staff
  • The reduction of cycle times for data generation from weeks to days, as the robotic lab conducts your experiments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Elimination of human error and full confidence in the quality and reproducibility of the data and its associated metadata
  • Flexibility to run experiments on our cloud lab irrespective of the research infrastructure and size of the lab currently available to you 

Standardised, fully validated and transparent drug discovery processes

Generating high-quality drug discovery data including all metadata that is fully auditable and compliant with ever-heightening regulatory and due diligence standards is one of the biggest challenges in drug discovery today. 

Arctoris has developed standardised and fully validated drug discovery processes that ensure:  

  • Experimental outputs are compliant with all required regulatory standards and meet investor due diligence criteria
  • All drug discovery processes run on the Arctoris robotic cloud lab are pre-optimised, meaning you save time and money compared to developing in-house assays and workflows
  • Assays and experiments are impartial and fully transparent, giving you confidence in the reproducibility and reliability of the data
  • Our expert team can provide input and consultancy on the experimental assays that need to be run to generate the most suitable data package

On-demand experiment planning, tracking, data access and analysis

Conventional R&D outsourcing is characterised by slow turnaround times, inflexible processes, and non-transparent operations and processes. This results in slow data delivery and restricts the number of iterations achievable within a given period, thereby limiting decision making and impeding drug discovery progress.

Arctoris has developed an innovative online portal that provides:  

  • On-demand experiment planning—meaning you can configure, fine-tune, and initiate experiments at your convenience
  • Real-time data access for full transparency over your assay status and the ability to analyse data live—giving you the chance to quickly pivot if necessary
  • A secure cloud-based data repository that allows for the safe storage and sharing of your data including all associated metadata
  • Advanced analysis options and ease of data retrieval with in-built data search, archive, and export functions


To find out how to accelerate your project timelines and generate higher quality data, reach out to us today.