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Better data today.
Better drugs tomorrow.


Arctoris® is a tech-enabled biopharma company

Drug discovery has to change  and we reimagine the path from target to hit, lead, and candidate by leveraging the power of Ulysses®, our unique, integrated drug discovery platform.

The future of drug discovery is data-driven

Data is the lifeblood of research, and better data leads to better decisions.
We combine robotics, data science, and machine learning to make better decisions based on robust, reliable, and reproducible data both for our wholly-owned and our partnered programs. Our platform enables us to make the right decisions at the right time, and move novel programs towards the clinic faster.

Arctoris is revolutionizing the R&D process

Our unique strengths


Our fully automated wet lab that generates superior quality data at scale, feeding into our data lake and powering our decision-making from target to hit, lead, and candidate.


Our integrated data architecture that captures and analyzes experimental data in real-time, closing the loop with advanced machine learning algorithms.

Our world-class team of seasoned drug hunters, experienced engineers, and leading machine learning scientists that guides our discovery work.

Who we partner with


We work with select biotech companies, pharmaceutical corporations, and AI drug discovery companies from across the world to bring new drugs to patients faster.

What our partners are saying

What we’ve been up to

Let’s build the future of drug discovery together

We are always on the look-out for new partnerships, in/out-licensing and co-development opportunities where we can leverage our platform for accelerated drug discovery and development.

The latest in AI drug discovery

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