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Arctoris® is your partner of choice:

Arctoris is a tech-enabled Contract Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in Oxford and Boston. We combine our unique automation platform, Ulysses, with a world-class team of excellent laboratory scientists to guide and rapidly progress our partners’ drug discovery programs from target to candidate.

Data is the lifeblood of research, and “Better Data leads to Better Decisions”.

Our unique strengths


Data quality: generating large reproducible datasets by leveraging robotics and wet lab automation, in turn empowering improved decision-making.


Our world-class team of experienced scientists are a true partner for your discovery work, consulting and advising on assay cascades and the path from target all the way to the clinic.


We are a full-suite discovery CRO, with “ecosystem of excellence” partners in all adjacent disciplines, which allows us to stay agile and truly client-focused.

Arctoris is revolutionizing the R&D process

Who we serve

We work with biotech companies, pharmaceutical corporations and AI drug discovery companies from across the world, enabling them to bring new drugs to patients faster.

Let’s build the future of drug discovery together!


We are looking forward to exploring how we can support your drug discovery efforts with standalone or integrated drug discovery services.