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Generate rich, reliable and trustworthy drug discovery data at the click of a button.

green cell reliable AI data
green cell reliable AI data
green cell reliable AI data

Not a CRO, but the future. 

We’ve developed the world’s first fully automated R&D platform to make drug discovery faster, simpler and better – available for you to conduct experiments remotely.


Data generation for AI model training and validation


Cell-based and molecular biology assays


Biochemical assays and target-based profiling


COVID-19 cell-based, molecular and biochemical assays

Who we work with


Accelerate project timelines, improve the chance of project success and generate superior quality data by outsourcing to our fully automated drug discovery platform

AI drug discovery

Generate structured, biologically relevant training and validation datasets of unrivalled quality and reproducibility with expert input from our specialist team


Eliminate human error and streamline R&D processes across multiple sites with our auditable and fully compliant drug discovery services available on demand


Access a broad range of techniques, methods and equipment and conduct cutting-edge research using our fully automated laboratory for your next publication

How it works

Design your experiments via our intuitive online configurator in consultation with our expert team.
Our robotics cloud lab precisely performs your experiments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week generating fully reproducible data including complete metadata capture.
Review and analyse your data in real-time, and benefit from secure data storage combined with global data access.
Enjoy accelerated, more efficient and higher quality R&D - the next generation of life sciences and drug discovery.
Ross Breckenridge

Having visited their robotic lab in Oxford, I know that this is the future of drug discovery. In addition to their remarkable facility, I continue to be impressed by the depth of scientific expertise of the Arctoris team.

Dr Ross Breckenridge

CEO, Arjuna Therapeutics, USA

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