Cell Biologist (senior)

permanent Full time at Milton Park UK Office (Milton Park, Oxford)

Main Responsibilties
  • Design, plan, manage and deliver internal and client research projects

  • Perform in vitro experiments and assays to an exceptional standard

  • Develop and improve new assays for automation

  • Data analysis, interpretation and presentation (including written reports and presentations) of experiment results

  • Keeping thorough documentation of work that has been carried out

  • Following standard operating procedures where required and establishing new SOPs when required

  • Maintain mammalian cell cultures, primary cell cultures and 3D cell models across a variety of scientific fields and disease settings (e.g. cancer, neuroscience, cardiovascular)

  • Providing feasibility assessments of projects in advance to aid the sales team

  • Communicating effectively with clients in scientific meetings

  • Keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical development

  • Work well within a team to optimise processes, teach others and learn

  • Contribute ideas to technology development strategies and maintain a culture of continual improvement

Qualifications and Experience
  • Education to Ph.D level in cell biology or related fields; equivalent experience in scientific R&D

  • 3+ years of industrial drug discovery experience

  • Experience of independent, self-directed work

  • Excellent attention to detail and quality in research

  • Proven ability to disseminate research results e.g. in reports, presentations and peer reviewed journal publications

  • Broad-based experience in cell biology, ideally including some of:

  • Highly desirable: High Content Imaging or similar imaging techniques

  • Mammalian cell culture and complex cell models (ideally 3D cell models, iPSC or other primary cell systems) including development/optimization of culturing conditions

  • Implementing, performing and troubleshooting a broad range of cell based assays for Genotypic and Phenotypic analysis (for example: flow cytometry, live-cell microscopy or immunofluorescence, NanoBRET based assays, ELISA)

  • Practical experience with one or more gene engineering and gene modulation technologies for cell line engineering and development (CRISPR or RNAi mediated gene modulation)

  • Expertise in a wide range of molecular techniques, including qRT-PCR, transfection, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting,


In addition (desired, but not required): 

  • Assay development expertise for drug screening (for example high content analysis, siRNA or CRISPR screens, ELISA etc.)

  • Expertise in neurodegenerative diseases or oncology and complementary advanced research techniques

  • Advanced instrumentation or automation experience

  • Experience in setting up and/ or running high throughput screening (HTS) assays

  • Experience handling large datasets including data QC and analysis

  • Experience of working in an industrial setting

  • Individuals will have a strong professional network, and be regular attendees at scientific conferences and meetings (in-person and virtual). They will be used to working both independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary drug discovery project team towards clearly defined objectives, whilst adhering to specific timeframes and budgets.

Why join us?
Arctoris is the world’s first fully automated drug discovery platform.  Headquartered in Oxford, UK, we have a global presence across APAC, North America and EMEA.  
We combine end-to-end automation of experiment design and execution with blockchain-secured data capture.  
We partner with biotech and pharma companies that want to bring their programs from idea to IND faster. 

Arctoris is the next step in drug discovery evolution.  Ulysses, the unique technology platform developed by Arctoris, enables the company’s clients and partners to conduct their R&D – from target validation via hit finding and hit-to-lead to lead optimization and beyond – significantly faster, and with considerably improved data quality and depth. With its robotics, Arctoris generates more than 100 times more datapoints per assay than industry standard, making critical information in cell and molecular biology as well as biochemistry/ biophysics available earlier, leading to higher success rates and an accelerated progression of programs towards the clinic.

Arctoris offers both fee-for-service and risk-share agreements in small molecule and biologics discovery, and is trusted by biotech and pharma companies in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, and many other countries.
About us
Arctoris is a tech-enabled biopharma platform company founded and headquartered in Oxford, UK with its US operations based in Boston and its Asia-Pacific operations based in Singapore. Arctoris combines robotics and data science with a world-class team for small molecule and biologics discovery.