Role of Pharma Companies in the AI-enabled Drug Discovery Landscape

So far in our blog series on Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery (AIDD), we looked at active AIDD clusters across the globe, the key techniques used for drug discovery (Part 1 & Part 2), and how various companies are shaping the ecosystem. In this blog, we take a closer look at the role of pharmaceutical […]

Driving the evolution of AI-enabled drug discovery – a global perspective

We often receive questions about global trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for drug discovery. Over the coming months, we will explore  these questions in a series of blogs. Today, we address one of the most frequently asked questions: which geographies are driving the evolution of AI drug discovery first and foremost and what are predictions […]

Why Should You Automate Your Experiments?


Poppy Roworth, Head of Laboratory at Arctoris, responds to the big question. I started a very long blog post during my PhD based on my experiences of science, aimed primarily at my non-scientific friends. I never finished it, mostly because of time constraints around my PhD and also because it became long and waffly. I will […]

Celebrating Five Years of Arctoris

Arctoris’ co-founders, Martin-Immanuel Bittner and Tom Fleming look back on how Arctoris was born and how we got to where we are today. Arctoris has turned 5 today! We are thrilled to see where we are now, and how far we have come. We have had a lot of fun and success, have overcome many […]

5 Myths About Laboratory Automation


In Daniel Susskind’s A World Without Work: Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond published last year, he argues that economic growth is inseparable from automation. Many industries have seen unprecedented growth in productivity in recent decades, and what they had in common was an increase in the degree of automation, with more and more routine or […]

Young Scholars at a Young Company: Meet our Interns

Our relationship with the University of Oxford starts with our founders who met there while completing their doctorates, and includes the background of many of our team. Now we are thrilled to support the University’s Crankstart Internship programme. The programme benefits young scholars as they gain professional work experience relevant to their academic degrees and envisioned […]

From Eroom’s Law to Moore’s Law: Drug Discovery in the 21st Century

From the lab to the patient The number of possible drug-like molecules can baffle the imagination. There are more than 10⁶⁰ compounds in this molecular haystack, though only a tiny proportion of these compounds will meet all the requirements to become a safe and effective medicine. Over the past millennia, we found a handful of needles (or cures) in […]

Should I Automate My Cellular Assay?

Guest post by Gareth Fearnley, Senior Scientist at Arctoris When I joined Arctoris as a Senior Scientist almost a year ago, I must admit that I was sceptical about the benefits automation of cell-based assays could bring to drug discovery research, especially if the assay appears to be of relatively low complexity. Not to mention, as […]

Lab Research in the Age of COVID

Running experiments remotely from home 2020 will go down in history as the year when a global health crisis upended industries, disrupting the usual rhythm of life and work all over the world. In the USA alone, 42% of the workforce moved to remote work [1], up from 8% before the coronavirus shutdowns [2]. Nicholas […]

Mining the Lab for (meta)data

How automation can help researchers document experiments Scientists and lab technicians have to meticulously follow scientific protocols to ensure the validity of their findings. Certain parts of lab work lend themselves to effortless measurement, making them easy to describe in the methods section of protocols and research papers (e.g. volumes and concentrations). Then, there are […]